End of Summer–the glorious ride!

Dear Ones–I live in such gratitude for the past weeks of Indian Summer. Here is a poem for for all who ride, or dream of riding Wild!

“My bay had lightning stripes all over him and his mane was cloud. And when I breathed, my breath was lightning.”         

 — Black Elk to his horse

For my Horse Husband, Ranger:


My bay is like a river of blood, running, running through mountain veins, my veins.

Still, he is a red boulder, carved by something older than speed.

His heart is mustang, big and fierce, earthed and stolid.

He is meant to carry only himself. And, on the holiest of days, he carries me.

Blessings on this wide-open, sacred plain of hope and activism. May that which carries you through this world fill your heart with ultimate joy and stretch you far beyond even your wildest hopes. May you ride the Mustang!



About mtelander

I am here to honor the wild and wonderful First Nature in each of us. To celebrate the embodiment of the living Goddess Within every woman and the Valiant Green Man within every man. I am here to offer support, counsel, meditations, essays, poetry and blogs about the Love of Nature and the Nature of Love. This blog and my 2 websites are offered to you as a virtual garden gathering at www.marcietelander.com and sacred Earth Activism and Spiritual Mystery School at www.earthwisdominstitute.org. I am a Registered Expressive Arts Therapist as well as an award-winning poet, journalist, screenwriter, Master Storyteller, international presenter and a grandmother of the Eco-psychology and Positive Psychology movements. My mission is to assist you in expanding your Passion, Peace and Purpose through a life lived in devotion to Nature--and the Nurturing of your unique voice and creative activities and advocacy NOW. I WOULD BE HONORED IF YOU WOULD VISIT ME AND LEAVE A PRECIOUS COMMENT OR VOICE AT www.earthwisdominstitute.org or www.marcietelander.com. Blessed be, Marcie Telander
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